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Suraj Fertilizer is an integrated industrial complex for production of phosphate fertilizer and intermediary chemicals. It has the following most modern production facilities / Plants.
Sulphuric Acid
Largest plant in Pakistan.
Capacity : 220 M.Tons daily / 75,000 M.Tons annually.
Double Contact Double Absorption (DCDA) technology.
Special stainless steel production line to prevent metallic contamination.
Addition of purified process water to obtain the best quality of Sulphuric Acid.
Fully computerized Distributed Control System (DCS).
Single Super Phosphate Fertilizer (Powder and Granulation)
Largest plant in Pakistan.
Capacity : 500 M.Tons daily / 150,000 M.Tons annually.
Use of the world's best grinding technology to process phosphate rock for optimum recovery of P2O5 nutrient.
Automated ratio control system for blending raw materials to ensure consistent products quality.
Latest dust control and screening system to separate fine powder from granules.
Power Generation
Capacity up to 3 MW.
Uninterrupted power supply guarantees optimum production of SSP Fertilizer and Sulphuric Acid.
Steam generation through heat recovery process.
Water Treatment
Capacity 40,000 Litres per hour.
Reverse Osmosis technology.
Removal of dissolved solids and other impurities.
Capacity : 500 M.Tons / 10,000 bags daily.
Bag weight : 50 KG.
Fully automatic weighing system.
Polythene lined bag to prevent moisture absorption and adulteration.
Dedicated railways siding for timely and convenient handling of all incoming outgoing products.
Exclusive Gas Pipe Line for the project.
120 Tons weighbridge.
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