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BADSHAH Single Super Phosphate

Badshah Single Super Phosphate (SSP) has carved its niche in the local market as the finest quality SSP fertilizer product. Because of its acidic formulation, it is also the most suitable phosphate fertilizer for local soils which have high pH value and are deficient in sulphur and other micronutrients.

The application of Badshah SSP has the following benefits for the farmers and the national agriculture:

Badshah SSP is a multinutrient fertilizer containing P2O5 as the primary nutrient, Sulphur and Calcium as the secondary nutrient along with a host of micronutrient such as Zn, Mn, Cu, B, Mo.

Badshah SSP is the most economical and effective source of P2O5 nutrient compared with other fertilizer such as DAP, NP,TSP etc.

Badshah SSP supports growth and spread of plant roots ensuring extraction of maximum amount of nutrients from the soil.

Acidic nature of Badshah SSP helps in lowering pH value of land and in reclamation of water logged and saline lands.

Badshah SSP helps control sulphur deficiency in land.

Badshah SSP has standard size of granules which are quickly soluble in water.

Sulphuric Acid (H2SO4)
Sulfuric Acid (chemically known as H2So4 ) manufactured and sold by our Company is considered the best in the market. It is free from impurities due to use of special alloy materials in the production line. This prevents contamination of the final product caused by metal corrosion during the manufacturing process. In addition, the use of purest form of available elemental sulphur also guarantees quality and purity of the final product.

Physical Properties

 Highly corrosive & reactive
 Mixes with water in all proportions
 Dissolves most metals
 Highly toxic
 Strong irritant to tissue

 Fertilizers & Chemicals
 Iron & Steel
 Dyes & Pigments
 Petroleum refining
Singer Super Phosphate (Powder)*
P2O5 18%
CaSO4 46%
Moisture 10% max
Free Phosphoric Acid 05% max
Colour Grey
Single Super Phosphate (Granulated)
P2O5 18%
CaSO4 46%
Moisture 05% max
Free Phosphoric Acid 05% max
Colour Grey
Granules Size 2mm to 6mm
      Bulk / 50 Kg (PP bags with PE liner)
Total Acidity
(as H2SO4)
98.5 ± 0.5
Specific Gravity
(at 15.6/15.6 ℃)
Colour Colourless
Freezing Point -1.9 ℃
          Bulk (In Tankers) / 50 kg Cans
*Conforms to Pakistan Standard 67:1978 (Revised April,1985)
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